CNC router 'OTOCOUP'
- Safety -


Such a machine, equipped with a router of more than one horsepower, spinning nearly at 30000 rpm, with a mobile ensemble weighting nearly 20kg, is dangerous.

You must only build it if you know what you are doing, and if you have experience with work under domestic voltage (110-230 V).

Plans are supplied 'as is', freely, and i cannot be held liable of any incident or accident which may occur.

Please also note that the given plans are different from my personal prototype machine, so troubles may occur.

Such a machine is supposed to work alone, without a permanent supervision, but that drive to some risks because in case of bit wearing or destruction, wood may heat up and fire.

Aspiration creates a big flow increasing combustion, with a risk to fire the vacuum cleaner itself.

So, a smoke detector in your workshop might be needed.

And it is totally excluded to run this machine without a human presence in your home.

Just as a side note, from how long did you check your fire extinguishers ?

To note : I've hesitated for long, but i have not set counterweights, and Y carriage is hanged to cables/belts and to stepper torque.
That system is to be confirmed, but, seing the gearing ratio, even when stepper is stopped, falling speed remains acceptable on safety viewpoint, though it may spoil horizontal rulers on impact (if aluminium rulers).

If your electronic cards have an 'enable' system, it is compulsory to disable it, because that cut current in stepper, and your router will fall down under it's own weight.

On the same line, if power shortage occurs in your area, it might be a good idea to supply your electronic through a lead car battery. Maybe we can think to an electromagnetic brake ?