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CNC router 'OTOCOUP'
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This machine (3m x 2m) is inspired (but heavily modified, considering size) of Guillaume Coquery mechanics.

Thanks to all CNC25 group contributers (french group), where i get many informations, and to the Aeromaniacs site (in french), driven by Sylvain Mathon, which were of precious use.

I have tried, in return, to be a useful contributor, and this site is mainly done with extracts of my contributions on CNC 25, slightly reorganised and completed...

Credits for photos :
Professional control boards : Their own manufacturer
Belt carrying : Frank Aguerre
Others : Pierre Rouzeau, digital camera HP850 zoom 38-300mm 4M pixels. Small defaults, but a very good camera.


In English, everything about CNC (big site):

CNC forum for hobbyists and professionnals : CNCzone.com

In French :

Miscellaneous technic informations related or not with CNC :

About vinyl cut:

Newsgroup in french :

CNC25 : fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/cnc25/
fichiers CNC25 : fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/cnc25/files/
et aussi cnc25.free.fr/

CNC3D : fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/cnc3d/

CnFraise : fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/CnFraise

NinosCFAO : fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/NinosCFAO

Components suppliers
For links to component suppliers, see Suppliers page

Amateur machines
CNC25 Machines More than 40 different machines !
Thierry Monnot Router/mill Coquery type, high quality
Jeff's Factory Another nice 'Coquery' machine, with drawings !
Axxus technologies Wood router...

Axxus 4 x 8

On same site (Axxus), a nice machine, panel size
Thorsten Ostermann Mill and electronic Partly
Nice electronic boards for sale at Nc-step, but for the kit, manual is in German...
CAD Cut CNC Those who find my machine is big, have to go see this site. An amateur built, but heavy duty CNC router for complete panel, as mine. Ten times the weight, and ten times the cost, also...
But this one is made for professional work.

machines, light duty

CNC64 MiniCNC MiniCNC : Small machine, modeller type, sold in kit: 1500 Euros
CNC64 MaxiCNC Maxi CNC : Machine fairly larger, sold in kit 8500 Euros
Milford Instruments

English machine very light, in kit for educational purpose. Low cost (apprx. 400 Euros)
This is a toy, but if your only purpose is to drill PCB, that can be ok

Zoltar Small machine, amateur use, in kit (laser cut) and plans
Cheap CNC All medium amateur router... of professional manufacturer. Price a bit high compared to Haase machines which are all metal.
MicroKinetics Small machine, mainly amateur use
Haase Cutting machine, all sizes, reasonable prices. See the accessories
Step-four Professional and also light machines
Shopbot The lowest cost full panel machine - have sold more than 3000
You should see their forum where you will find a lot of useful informations.

This is not exhaustive at all, but may be of some interest for an amateur (only for eyes...)

Super TECH CNC router, in kit (USA)
MAXNC Small CNC machines
Techno Inc. Professional CNC routers
Buller Enterprises Professional aluminium router
International Robotix Professional cutters/routers
ISEL Miscellaneous CNC components

Foam cutting

Foam cutting software of Gilles Muller, world reference : CNC

Machine Rustica, very simple, wood style

Also wood style : Aeropic, with drawer sliders

American machine on 8Linx, steel style, with drawer sliders, simple and strong. Interesting because we can go without a cutting bow.

Others sites

5 bears An extraordinary site where you can see what you can do at home with machining and foundry - A jet engine, a turboprop, a 9 cylinder radial engine and... a high precision CNC machine.

Some statistics

This site represents (ensemble French/English) :
. 34 pages
. 133 photos
. 368 files
. 67 000 words

All this site is my own creation except (in French only) :
. Page on power supply by Michel MAURY, set in html by me
. 'Loisirs Nautiques' paper about CNC for boats(JY Poirier), set in html by me

The french part is a bit larger and have more practical infos than the english one, not everything having been translated.

Some work, so... (i didn't count the hours)

But trust me, this is much more work than to build a CNC.