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CNC router 'OTOCOUP'
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If you find photos too big, you can download them in one time (JPEG2000 format, to save size), *Here*, total size 1.5 Mo (Dimensions are slightly smaller, but quality is better…). If you don't have any viewer for JPEG2000, so go immediately download the best of this galaxy, Irfanview, which is free !

And also Details photos
Carrying - Head - Details - Aspiration


Code generated by DeskEngrave, interpreted by TurboCNC, width 600mm, milling time 18 minutes, at a speed of 300 mm/min
Very first cuts. Difference between top and bottom is carrying cable tension. Stronger springs are needed... Others problems are related to G-Code (No carriage return between code lines). Milling time 25 minutes, width is 1.6 m...




Move X (horizontal): 3.5Mo
Speed : 9 m/min (350 ipm)
stepper 7500 half-step/sec. so 1125 rpm
Mobile weight ~ 27 kg

Move Y (vertical): 2.9Mo
Speed : 9.4 m/min (370 ipm)
stepper 8500 half-step/sec. so 1275 rpm
Mobile weight 8 kg + counterweight 8 kg.

Move Z : 2.2 Mo
Speed : 1.7 m/min (67 ipm)
stepper 9000 half-step/sec. so 1350 rpm (22.5 rot/sec)

Movement shown here are maximum speed at no load, any load will stop the carriage. With load, speed must be divided by 2 or 3. Acceleration control is neat (and can be heared). The noise you here is from steppers, router is not started.
Steppers 2.6V, 2x2A get a little too much voltage (38V), it might be better not to exceed 30V.
Nevertheless, considering stepper size (Nema 23, cost 10 Euros each), the result with good power boards is very satisfactorily. Power boards based upon L297/L298 for X and Z axis, and L6208 for Y axis are from personal design and assembly.

Move Z : 2Mo

And this is why the machine can be stowed on the wall...

Details photos

Carrying - Router - Details - Aspiration