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CNC router 'OTOCOUP'
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Details of mechanical drawings

Details of cabling / wiring schematics

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Please find here plans of 'Otocoup' machine.
They are different from my own machine, i've done my best to improve them, especially carriage system. So, most probably there will be mistakes. But they also are supposed to be more simple. So, take your risks...
Il will not give any technical support.
These drawings are supplied freely for amateur use, and i don't guaranty anything about them.
Read carefully the chapter about safety.
They are supplied for amateur use, excluding any commercial activity.
They cannot be copied or redistributed.
It is in the general interest to came back to the Internet site to dowload the last version.
Beware of electrical part. Beware of belt attachs, a failure can be dangerous.
You must be aware of what you are doing.
I request to every builder to register, to follow up the evolution.
I will not do any commercial use of the list of registered people.
Please inform about mistakes / improvements, and send photos.
All that represent some work and i will be happy to have some feedback.

See mechanical DRAWINGS, in PDF format, 1.8 Mo, 14 sheets.
and CABLING schematics, 0.9 Mo, 9 sheets

Rev. 28 march 2003 : First diffusion on french site
Rev. 29 may 2003 : First diffusion on english site

Rev. 12 oct. 2003 : Add terminals in electrical box. Electrical box construction layout.
Rev. 25 oct. 2003 : Modifs in electrical diagram. Modifs in electrical box construction layout.
Rev. 07 dec. 2003 : Closed Y beam and added counterweight.
Rev. 27 dec. 2003 : Reinforced 'Z' carriage. Rack and pinion drive.
Rev. 29 dec. 2003 : Corrections and modifications carriages tubes. Modif. X beam
Rev. 04 jan. 2004 : Possibility to orientate router horizontally or angled
Rev. 22 feb. 2004 : Other belt type for rack and pinion carrying (lighter system)
beware to use light sprockets (aluminium or better, plastic), steel sprocket being way too heavy and having too much inertia.

It might be a good idea to replace the aluminium beam by a steel beam as was done on the 3Dcoup. See the 3Dcoup page

And for those who wish to design themselves, here is DXF file of Kress router, there is only to design a machine around it...

Details of the mechanical drawings

Main beam

Horizontal rulers

Wood parts cut
Metal parts cut

Détails, tooling
'Z' Carriage

Rack and pinion drive


For cabling / wiring schematic
see also page Cabling

Ensemble diagram
Electrical box schematic

Electrical BOM

Electrical box construction

Simplified schematic

Connectors panel
Limit switches

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