Computer controlled
router 'Otocoup'

The ultimate (?) step of the do-it-yourselfer, this is to work with the help of a computer, CADIY... If your aim is to cut automatically the 1248 parts of the shelf needed for your Matchbox collection, to cut in vinyl letters of 2m high the strip for the next demonstration of your club, to sculpt a portrait of your well-beloved, to cut couples and sides of your fishing boat or to sculpt in massive teak your garden dwarfs, what you need is, as i have builded myself, a computer controlled router !

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Photos - Ensemble views - Carriages
     New : Films

Details photos - Carrying - Head - Details - Aspiration
nbsp;   - Electronic - Electrical box - Beam

Specifications - Plans - My machine - Router - Carrying
    - Stepper comparison table

Construction - Advices - Stronger - Improvments - Tuning
    - Cabling and wiring
    - Practical choice of equipment
    - Setting in a box

Utilization - Drawing - Milling - Parameters

Plans - Mechanical and electrical drawings
Rev. 29 dec. 2003 - drive with rack and pinion

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Suppliers - Robotics - Steppers - Electrotechnic

CNC technic - Steppers - Electronic -
- Carrying-Transmissions
   - What computer
   - Unipolar stepper with bipolar boards
   - Stepper power board based upon L6208
   - power board based on L297/L298
   - Control board

How did i arrive there ?

New !

Plans of a new machine
smaller but more robust.
rev. 27 december 2003

the '3Dcoup'
Claude Festin machine shown

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